Monday, February 28, 2022

February 2022

 Another busy month in the books!  This month Mat turned 48, Arlington turned 19, we went on a short ski trip during Finley and Cainan's winter break, and enjoyed a few more snow days.

We started the month with Mat turning 48 on Feb. 7th.  He wanted a "lamb cake" (Which we usually reserve for the Easter Holidays), so we obliged.

I had to add this picture of my mother.  The ear was falling off a bit when we were setting up the cake.  She said "you can't see me - take the picture of the lamb"  She is always cute.

Middle of the month Arlington turned 19.  My parents were in visitng so we took a trip to UMass and went to a UMass hockey game.  They are a fantastic team, and it was a great game.
I know it looks like an empty stadium, but we were just really early.  It was so cold outside we just decided to come inside and wait for the game

During Finley and Cainan's winter break we went skiing at Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire.  I found a really cool tree house for our lodging. It was an incredible stay.  I didn't ski, but Mat and the kids had a great time.

One evening we played a mystery game.  It was a great few days

A few random photos to round out the end of the month
We got a new television and it has an art gallery which plays when the TV goes to sleep.  It is really cool.

Scooby being Scooby

Finley packing her lunch and rocking out before heading back to school after break