Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May 2022

 These months are FLYING by.  End of school is near.  Covid is still a big problem, but thankfully vaccines are making dying from Covid less and less.  Our family still has been able to avoid it which is a miracle in itself.

We had another fun month.  Our bathroom remodel got underway.  We decided to start with the kid's bathroom because it was the bathroom that had a leak last year and the hole in the wall is still there.  I cannot wait to see the finished product in a few weeks.

The chicks are getting bigger all the time.  Finley and I handle them every day to make sure that they learn to trust us.  This will come in handy if we ever need to catch them in the coop or deal with them if they get ill.  They are all really sweet.

We started the coop area.  We had an old dog run area at the back of our property that had just gotten overgrown.  We decided to learn it out and make that the area for the chicks.  We decided to buy the coop - and we assembled that first. Mat was a little unsure about building a coop, but not the run.  It was easy to put together and will house our 6 ladies at night.  We live in a high predator area, so they won't be out to free range.

I love our pear tree.  It is always one of the first bloomers and just has gorgeous flowers. 

Mid month our bathroom remodel began.  It is going to be a bit of a trial for 5 of us to share one bathroom this spring, but we are so excited to have this project done.  We hired a different company that who did our downstairs because they didn't do bathrooms.  We are excited to see the end result.  

By the end of the month the chicks have gotten so much bigger!  They still have a few more weeks indoors before they can be outside full time, but they are now able to go out on short trips to peck around in the grass.  Since they cannot free range, we got them an enclosure. My plan is to use this often this summer to let them get some fresh grass and change of scenery.

Arlington finished up her sophomore year and is home for the summer.  Her bunny was interested in the chickens.