London, England

In December, 2017, into January 2018, we went for a quick 3 day trip to London for the New Year.  We had been to London for a longer trip a few years ago, and we blogged about it on our other family blog.  I will put the link to that trip on here as well because we did a few more touristy things back then. 

Mat and Arlington also took a quick trip to London in June 2019 as part of a birthday present for her, and I will link those as well. 

We love London.  Mat travels there regularly for business, and we have been there a few times since we moved to Basel.  It is an amazing city, and you could spend years there and never seen everything.  I recommend it highly as a place to visit.

London New Years Links:

Arlington's Birthday Trip to London:

Our trip to London in 2014:

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