Sunday, June 18, 2017

First Trip To Basel

Yesterday we left for Basel for our first visit.  Roche spoiled us by letting us have a 4 day trip (and two travel days) to visit the city and let the kids see their schools.  We arrived this morning very early, and went to sleep in the hotel for a few hours.  It allowed us a chance to be awake enough to explore the city with our guide (also provided by Roche) in the afternoon.

We were picked up at the hotel by our guide Kaya (who is amazing) and she spent time showing us around the beautiful areas around Basel.  Today we started with the outskirts - the more "country" areas (for lack of a better term).  These areas are still close to the city, but there is more land and more parks than their would be if we lived closer to Mat's work.  We saw a beautiful little area called Muttenz that we fell in love with right away.  Every street was more lovely than the rest.  We also saw a few areas called Oberwil and Therwil - also lovely.  We did discover that these areas were a bit too far for commutes for the girls and Mat for school and work, so they were unfortunately eliminated.  (they had been on the top of our list before we realized how far from town they actually were).

After a few hours of driving around, Kaya returned us to our hotel.  We decided to just have dinner in their restaurant this night (our hotel is a bit far away from the city because the famous Art Basel is going on and rooms are limited) because we were so tired.  We returned to our room after dinner and now are heading to bed.

Enjoy our pictures  If you click on the picture - that will make it bigger.

This is our view from the air flying into Switzerland.  Look at those mountains:

View from Muttenz into the city of Basel.  You see that one lone tall building?  That is Roche?

This was a farmers market we stopped at. Kaya wanted us to see it because it is done on the honor system.  The farmer brings the goods and a money box in the morning.  Folks come by, get their goods, put their money in the box and take their change.  She said no one would even think of stealing because Swiss talk and you don't want your name dragged through the mud.

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