Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cainan goes skiing

Even though we moved from the north part of America - we are no skiers.  None of the kids ever had much of an interest, and Mat and I haven't skied since we were kids.  Being in Switzerland, we find that everyone skis.  Everyone.  All the schools - public or private - take a 4-5 day ski trip each winter with their students.  This achieves two things - gives kids a chance to ski/learn to ski, and gives kids a chance to be away from their parents.  Part of the school curriculum is that kids have to start spending 1-2 nights away each year from their parents to teach independence.  That increases to the 4-5 days away once a year once they reach 4th grade.

Cainan is first up on a ski trip.  It has been in the planning since the fall - the school held a meeting with all the parents, and we had been given a packing list, and all the details we needed.  The kids did not need to bring their ski equipment - even if they had it - it was all part of the cost for the trip.  So that was a relief.  Even if Cainan likes skiing, the chances of us taking this up as a sport with our family is slim. 

This morning at 8am I had Cainan at the train station to meet the rest of his class and the teachers and adults that were going along.  He was more excited than nervous.  He was excited to spend a few days with his friends. 

They got on the train and headed to Davos, Switzerland.  Yes - that Davos.  It is a 4 hour train ride from Basel.  Then they were going to ski this afternoon before settling in for the evening.  They will ski in the mornings and afternoons the next two days, and then once more Friday morning before heading back to Basel Friday evening.  Can't wait to hear what he has to say.

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