Monday, February 19, 2018

Fasnacht in Basel

Early this morning - winter carnival (Fasnacht) started in Basel.  Since this is our first one, we decided to go to the early morning festivities.

Mat and I got up to attend the Morgenstreich - the beginning of the carnival at 4am.  And we weren't alone - 1000s of people were also out and about.

The turn all the lights in the city, and then the music starts.  The cliques start playing drums and piccolos and march through the streets with lanterns as the only light.  It was something to see.  They were "scary" costumes to scare away winter.

I am glad we went.  It was a lot of fun to see all the different lanterns (most were political but the art was incredible) and hear the music.  I only took a few pictures and a short video.  They don't like flash pictures because it blinds the members of the cliques - who are already wearing masks.  Plus it distracts from the parade.  The parade is more reserved and not really a....parade.

one of the lanterns before the parade started
 Each member of the different cliques had small lanterns on top of their masks.  They were all different

 A really cool lantern
 When the parade ended a lot of the cliques put their masks and drums down

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