Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cainan Sports Day

Today I had lunch with my son, Cainan.  The school had their annual sports day today, and parents were invited to watch and have lunch with their kids.  It was picnic style on the field, and we had a nice time - just the two of us.

We had Sports Day like this in America - called Field day.  The difference here was - the kids were in charge, not the parents.  The kids set up the field and the games, and the older kids helped with the younger kid's teams.  Teachers were there to make sure everything ran smoothly and no one got hurt.  But Parents didn't lift a finger.

I thought this was great.  We American parents tend to want to control everything.  We don't trust our kids enough to give them space to do things on their own.  It isn't like that here at all.  Kids have a wide birth of freedom and space to grow and learn and make mistakes.  It is teaching my kids some much needed independence.

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