Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Visit to Zurich

We have been here a year, and we have never been to Zurich, so today was a treat.  The weather was nice, but we decided to take a bus tour of the city so we could relax.  After Paris,  we are still exhausted.  We saw old town, went up a mountain to see over the city, and too a ferry ride.  It was just a way to get a little taste of the city.

Lake Zurich
 Zurich University

 Old Town in Zurich.  This square was interesting. 3 years ago, the city decided they wanted to dig a pipeline for better water movement through this section. They dug deep and what they found was a grave of 100 people. Bones dates back to the year 100AD! 1900 year old surprise for those construction workers.

 This is the largest clock face in EUROPE. It is almost 30 feet in size.


 This is the Gold Coast. Houses here start at 10 million dollars. Tina Turner has a house here. She has been a Zurich resident for 30 years. We rode by her house

 Looking down on Zurich

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