Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas In Basel

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas has sprung in Switzerland.  Well - technically, there is no Thanksgiving in Basel, but we giggle because every year - on American's "Thanksgiving Day" the Christmas season starts in Basel.  The city is beautifully decorated and the Christmas markets appear.  I love walking around the markets - looking at all the handmade items and sipping hot chocolate.  The markets will stay up until December 23rd - plenty of time for us to go and have some good food and get some great treasures for our ever growing collection.

Every year, the Christmas markets come out with a mug.  This is the 2018 version.  I love it

The center of town.  There are always tons of really large, live trees spread throughout the city that they decorate.

 My favorite thing at the Herbstmess and the Christmas markets - fondue inside of bread.  It is so delicious - I could eat it every day
 Love this huge Candle Spinner
Parts of the city at niht - so may pretty lights

 These folks are lined up around the block for a pop up fondue restaurant!

After our visit to the market, we broke out this year's board game.  Each year, we buy a board game to play around Christmas.  It is a tradition that we got from Mat's family that I just love.  I started dating Mat when I was 15 years old, and every year on Christmas Eve, his parents would bring out a new board game for us to play after church.  I looked forward to it every year, and knew I wanted that same tradition for our family.  This year's game was "The Plague"

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