Monday, March 11, 2019

Fasnacht 2019 - Day 1

This year, my parents are in visiting for Fasnacht.  It was great to have them here to witness the way the Swiss let their hair down for 3 days.  I love this traditional carnival and the mess and noise that comes along with it.  It is a lot of fun.

This morning we were up at 2:00am to make it down for the 4:00am Morganstreich.  This is the official kick off to Fasnacht where they turn off all the lights in the city and the cliques parade through the city with lanterns as the only light.  We had front row seats for the parade and had a great time.

The crowd at 4am waiting for the start

 Always the butt of the jokes in any country - Trump
 An example of small lanters that were in front of each clique.  Each one is different for the group.

We were back by 6am, and took a nap before heading back out for the afternoon parade.  The cliques come back out in matching costumes and parade all over the city with their instruments, floats, confetti, candy, oranges, flowers.  IT is something to see.  If their scary masks don't chase winter away, I don't know what would.

Afternoon Parade

 All of the floats are in Swiss German, so I can't translate much, but I do know thatb"Joor" is "year"

 A lot of NASA floats making fun of Trump's "Space Force"
 The bands will put their drums and masks along the road and then go off and eat or have a coffee, and no one will bother them.  Because this is Switzerland

 Our main bridge in the city with hoards of people watching the parade


This is our second Fasnacht in Basel.  I am glad we had my parents here to share in the fun.

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