Sunday, July 14, 2019

Summer Happenings

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Pennsylvania.  We are starting to get turned around time wise, and enjoying visiting family and friends.

 The kids (and my nephews) helped us sort 2500 golf balls for Finley's fundraiser.  They were less than thrilled
 Finley received a handmade fairy house from her best friend in Littleton
My mom is King Lion this year for the Lions club.  We went to one of her meetings so the kids could be here be "The Lion King" as they called it 
 Finley and my mom made Pizelle cookies for the church street fair
 My mom and Finley walked in the Johnny Woodruff 5K.  Johnny Woodruff was an Olympic Gold medalist from the early 1900s and a pride for Connellsville
 This is the tree that Woodruff was given when he won his medal.  Each athlete was awarded a sapling (from Hilter non the less) and his sapling has grown into this amazing tree.  

 I had lunch with one of my oldest friends, Wendy, at the Connellsville Canteen.  The Restaurant is full of history - I love it

 We played countless hours of Scrabble
 Finley enjoyed helping sell tickets for her fundraiser
 We all volunteered at the Saint Rita's Street fair.  I took a picture of this gentleman who had brought a chair so he would be in line for the food that is so out of this world, people will wait over an hour just to taste the Italian goodness
 The kitchens of the street fair.

 We went to Seven Springs for the day to ride the Alpine slides

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