Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Coronavirus 2020 - One Month Later

Well - I would like to say that we are back to normal here in Switzerland, but unfortunately I cannot.  We Pletchers are in our 8th week of togetherness here, and we are still hanging in there.

Schools went exclusively online for the last several weeks, and it actually worked quite well for us.  We got very lucky with the kid's schools and their ability to do school so well.  Kept the kids busy and gave them something to fill their days with.

We have played board games (we keep losing at Pandemic Legacy - not a good sign), and I am building a 4000 piece puzzle.  We have done a lot of cleaning.  We have switched our closets over from winter to summer clothes.  We take numerous walks with the dog.  I am still recovering from my hysterecomy, but I am almost completely back to normal now.  The weeks are moving by at steady pace.

We understand that on the 16th, Switzerland is going to announce their "return to life" timeline.  We already know that they have extended our stay at home order until April 26th.  But this week we are to learn if that will be the end of it, and what it means to get back to life.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the kids get to go back to school even for a little bit.  This is Arlington's last year of high school and I know she would like to spend it with her friends.

Right now we just wait.  The kids are on a two week school break, and I can tell you that this was not a great move.  I know they wanted to give the teachers a break - much deserved - but the kids are bored.  We can go NOWHERE.  The kids have watched every TV show and movie known to man, and they are dragging.  We try to fill their days to keep them busy, but they are three teenagers.  The only thing that helps is they sleep late.

Things could be a lot worse.  We could have gotten sick.  We could be looking at months and months more of this if measures were not put into place.  But now we see the ligh at the end of the tunnel and are hopeful!

Here is a picture of today's Switzerland graph to show when it started, our high peaks, and where we are now.  Just for posterity.

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