Sunday, June 21, 2020

Lake Brienz - Day 4 - Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.  And especially to Mat.  I am glad we were able to take a weekend away as a family and treat him to a special trip.  He deserves it for how hard he works for our family.

Today was our last excursion in the Lake Brienz area before heading back to Basel.  We are not home and unpacked and relaxing. 

This morning we went to the Gelmer Fenicular - which is the highest open air fenicular in Europe.  I am not going to lie - riding it was scary.  Arlington and Cainan loved it.  Finley was not a fan - even a little bit, but she was a trooper.  IT was a straight up, open car  - what a thrill!  If you are not afraid of heights, then this is a must for you.

You can see the track in the background.  It goes straight up
 Arlington is extemely excited.
 Up we go!

 I tried not to look

 Up into the clouds

I was not able to take a video of the ride (Because I was too busy hanging on), so if you want to see it in motion - check out this video HERE

After our ride up, we walked around a beautiful lake and rocky cliffs among the mountains.  It was beautiful there.  There was also a dam where they hydroelectric power the towns below.  A great last stop before heading home.

 The dam
 Where the traumatized teenager parked herself after the ride up.  She did eventually recover

 She was sad I wouldn't let her climb down the rocks to the water.  She has problems

There was a suspension bridge we discovered on our walk down, so Mat, Arlington and Cainan went to check it out

It was a great weekend.  I am glad we decided to fit in a few more trips before we moved.  This was something not to be missed.

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