Thursday, September 3, 2020

Old Friends

 One of the best things about being able to move back to Littleton and back to the house we adore is the friends I had made there.  Littleton is the place I have lived the longest (besides my childhood home).  6 years of great friends for us and the kids that meant a great deal to me.  I was so worried that when Mat decided it was time to look for a new job it would take us somewhere new.  It always does.  But this time, I got my wish to return to a beloved house and neighborhood that held so many wonderful memories.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, so there is no way to safely visit like we used to - my friends and I.  We loved getting together at least once a month and going out to a favorite restaurant and chatting for hours on end.  However - beautiful weather, a roaring firepit, and a great way to space out safely made it possible for me to see them after longing to see them all this time away.

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