Sunday, January 31, 2021

Second Semester Freshman Year for Arlington

 Today we moved Arlington back to University of Massachusetts Amherst for her spring semester.  Since Covid has not let up, this move in looked a lot like the fall.  Only two people could move her (Mat and Finley went this time), and she had to be screened for Covid before moving into the dorm (and will be screened two times a week all semester).  She is also in a single room (all people are in a single room) but on a regular dorm floor and in a different dorm than last semester.

Most of her classes are remote this semester - she only has two in person classes.  We are really hopeful that fall semester next year is more normal.

Update - second week of February - the school went into total lockdown for 2 weeks because they have 1000 cases of Covid.  Even though there are only 5200 students on campus this semester.  Most cases are off campus and due to Fraternity parties.

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