Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Covid Pool Testing Comes to Littleton

 Our school district has decided to jump into the "pool" and start to do twice weekly Covid testing.  We have two cohorts of students, since we are still in the hybrid program, so we test one group of students on Mondays and one group on Thursdays.  We are testing about 800 kids in our district, which is about half our school population.

The nurses needed help, so I am helping with the testing those two days a week.  I am loving it.  It is satisfying to help keep track of our Covid cases, and also help our staff feel a little safer.

Right now the program is for 6 weeks, but the plan will be for it to continue until the end of the school year.  I hope it does.  There is a chance the students will go back to school full time, so with more students in the building, this will become more important than ever.

this is my outfit for the testing.  A face shield, a N95 mask, and a gown and gloves.

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