Friday, June 25, 2021

Remodeling Week 13

 Things are coming together!  We are getting to the end now.  The floors got finished this week.  They are all covered so pictures are no fun.  But I am glad they are covered so we cannot ruin their prettiness.

This week we had one guy here consistently working on the last of the floor and the cabinet guy was here every day drilling the cabinets into the floor, making sure they were level.  By the end of the week all the drawers were put into the cabinets and they were putting on the wood border on the bottom of the cabinets.  (does this have a name?  I am sure it does).  We worked on finding the right size pulls for the drawers - ordering one kind and then wanting to see something different.  We figured out how we were going to frame the giant sink so that I could see a large part of it but not go crazy with dirt around it.

On Thursday the counter top installers from the stone yard came to do the template.  It took him 2 hours to get it just right (what a neat thing to watch - it was like watching a surveyor), and then we went over all the details.  (there are 100s of little decisions that we have made over the last 13 weeks - I had no idea there would be so many).  It will be three weeks until their return with our counter and a few days before they were send us the final pictures to sign off on.  I cannot wait to see my soapstone again.  

We did get the call that the date for delivery for our Range has been pushed back.  Again.  Now it will be after August 20th.  I am trying hard not to lose it.  It is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things, but I just want this to be done so we can start enjoying the space.  Everyone keep their fingers crossed that it doesn't get pushed any more.

It is slowly getting quieter here.  Mat and I are soon going to be working on laying the tile in our mudroom and front rooms.  The electrician and plumber will be back hopefully next week to get the lights installed and start to plumb for the fridge, sink, and faucet.  It is starting to look like a house again.  I cannot wait to start to enjoy it.

I got a quick glimse at the island today while waiting for the counter top installers.  I am loving the drawers.  It took us forever to pick the sizes - figuring out where everything was going to go.  I am going to do a matte black handle on each drawer.  This side faces out to the hall/living room
This side of the island faces in - the range is right across from it.  These drawers will be for pots and pans and cutlery
The last area to get wood was our tiny hall closet right by our side door.  The floor is officially DONE
Mat and I are doing all the tiling ourselves.  It was a pretty steep price for the contractors to do it and based on the already high cost of this project, we decided to take a few things on ourselves.  The painting was one, and this was another.  This past week we started to figure out how we were going to lay the mudroom tile, and this is what we came up with.  This tile was MAt's choice.  He wanted something rustic and a bit more "outdoorsy" for the mudroom.  

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