Saturday, April 30, 2022

April 2022

 Another busy month has come and gone.  Finley and Cainan had their spring break and we went to PA for the week (Mat flew in from his work trip to San Francisco to join us).  We got a new propane boiler to replace our old oil heat.  And we because a chicken family!  

Spring has finally sprung - the daffodils along our garden beds are in full bloom

Our oil boiler is 30 years old and we had been warned at its last service check that it was living on borrowed time.  We had gone back and forth about just keeping oil or changing our heat, and we decided to go with propane.  Our stove has always been propane (and our new stove is as well), so it just seemed to make sense.  It was a pricey project, but we are so happy to have an updated system that is going to be more efficient.

Spring break was really low key, so we didn't take many pictures.  Had a good time hanging with family and visiting.  It was over Easter this year, which I know made our families happy that we could be there for a holiday.  Finley got a second piercing during our time in PA.

Finley and I went to see the high school musical, Cinderella, together.  The kids did a great job.  It was fun

Finley and I also worked the spring book sale for our library.  It was fun setting up and helping people shop.

Mat and I got to have lunch one day with our European RDH12 foundation leader, Silvia.  It was great to see her in person for a change!  So glad she had time to see us while in Boston for work.

At the end of the month we decided to become a chicken family.  Mat has been talking about it for awhile, and with the loss of Scooby it became more of a conversation.  We picked up 6 chicks at Tractor Supply  - they are so cute!  They will be in a brooder in the house for about 8 weeks. Mat built it and we set it up in the mudroom.  It is fun to watch them, and we cannot wait to see them grow.  Now we are on a time crunch to build their coop and run - Mat is already working on the design.

Finley has named them:  Eggy, Pee Wee, Big Cheese, Waffles, Hennifer, and Soot.

A few randoms from the month:
We have a large family of turkeys that are in the yard every day.  The males all puff up to attract the females who could care less

Arlington being Arlington

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