Sunday, July 2, 2023

Finland Day 3

 Today we rented a car and went outside of Helsinki for part of the day.  On Finley's wish list was the Moomin Museum.  If you are not familiar with Moomin - it is quite popular in Finland.  It was a book series from the 1940s that became a cartoon and then a TV show.  Finley's friends from Switzerland had introducted it to her and she has read a few of the books and watched the show.  When she found out there was a museum she had to go.  It actually was a really cute museum and we had a nice time checking it out.  It is far out of Helsinki, though - took us 2 hours to get to it.

After the museum, we stopped at a Handicraft market, and had lunch before heading back to Helsinki.  We went straight to the airport after that because we were catching a flight to Svalbard (Norway) in the evening.

Models in the museum

Area where we had lunch.  Took a picture becase the sign was Finlay

The little handicraft bizaare we stopped to admire

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