Saturday, December 30, 2017

London for the New Year - Day 2

Day Two - we woke up a little later today and headed to the Sky Garden in a building called the Walkie Talkie.  We have no idea why they named it this (because to us it does not look like a Walkie Talkie), but it is a cool building.

 Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are kept.  We toured this the last time we were here
 Tower Bridge

 The Shard

 Finley taking a picture of herself while the camera was in her possession

The Sky Garden was a suggestion by our London friends, and it did not disappoint.  The view from the top was incredible.  The visit is FREE - you just have to book a ticket/time ahead of time.  This helps them spread out visitors so it doesn't get overly crowded.  Considering it cost 35 Pounds to visit the Shard right across the street, this was the better choice to view the city.

We had a great time at the top looking out all over London.  We spent an hour up there before heading on to our next destination.

After the Sky Garden we hit the British Museum.  This was Mat's one request for this trip.  The kids don't love museums, but this one they really liked.  This museum is also FREE to the public, so another London spot you should hit for your visit.  It, of course, was HUGE.  We laugh at the fact that this is what happens when you conquer everyone and take their stuff.  You can store it in a huge museum for all to see.

We enjoyed the museum all afternoon.  We took our time and explored all the areas we wanted.

The British Museum
 The Rosetta Stone.  Ticking another box off the bucket list
5000 year old Egyptian artifacts

 Greek artifacts from the Parthenon

 Easter Island Relic
 Chinese artifact

 5000 year old Chinese bell
 5000 year old Chinese Jade
 I liked this - this was labeled the first library
 A chess set from 1100 AD
 This japanese vase was 16,000 years old.  That's right - 16,000

In the evening we decided to take in a movie.  We have not been inside a movie theater in 6 months.  Movies here in Switzerland are really expensive, so we just haven't gone. The movies in London were good prices, so we went to see Jumanji.  The movie was GREAT, and we enjoyed getting to do something we love.

We passed this theater on our way to the movie "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" .  We really want to see this play - it is really expensive!  Next time.

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