Monday, September 18, 2017

Basel Walkers

Today I went on my first hike with a local group called Basel Walkers.  It is an English speaking group of folks that goes on a Basel hike every Monday - always taking a new path.  A new American friend of mine has been going with them and encouraged me to try it out.

I love hiking, so this was definitely something I was interesting in trying.  It is between a 2 1/2 hour-3 hour hike through the hills of Switzlerand - sign me up.

We all met at 9:00am at the Basel SBB (this is the train station).  This was the first time I was taking a train here (not a tram - a train), so I was excited.  I know - silly.  But we are going to be taking a few train trips over the next few months, so I was glad to try it out before I did it alone.

As long as we stay within Basel's zones, we can ride the Train with our U-Abo (my annual tram pass) for free.  Another bonus.

After the train, we took a bus through some winding roads to get to the town where we were going to hike.  The name of the town was Hochwald.  It is in the Basel Land area of Basel, and a beautiful country side.  I couldn't wait to get started.

We walked a total of 10 miles on our hike.  The Basel Walkers group is a great group of folks.  We didn't hurry, we enjoyed the scenery, and the person who picked the hike for today spent time telling us about the town, the area, and what we were seeing.

I am hoping to join them on a regular basis.  They told me today that they continue to meet all winter long, so I am thinking if the weather is nice, most Mondays I will be with them

There was a model train set up in the front of a Swiss house
 Swiss Country Side

 This cross was at the corner of our path - just in the middle of no where
 Music Museum

 Giant hawk in a tree
 We commented on how much room these sheep had to roam
 Really pretty little town
 Cool Swiss house
 We were told that a Catholic couple that lives in the town built this little church so they could see it from their house.  It is open to the public on Sundays
 Fountain!  Not an exciting one, but I will take it.  Water is everywhere because right before I took this picture a dog jumped in the fountain
 Church with a beautiful steeple

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