Saturday, September 16, 2017

When an 11 year old's social calendar is fuller than yours

This morning, Mat and I attended our third German class.  It is getting easier to understand what she is asking us to do.  (She doesn't speak English unless we ask her too).  We are enjoying the class - we are in there with a wide variety of people from all over the world, so that makes it even more interesting.

This afternoon, Finley had her first sleepover with a new friend.  She was really excited to stay at someone else's house tonight.  Next weekend she has another sleepover with another friend, and then after that she has some play dates with a few other girls.  I love that they have taken to Finley and she is making friends.  Cainan and Arlington are doing equally as well, but Finley is always my biggest worry because she has so much trouble with socializing due to her vision impairment.

This new friend is Swiss, and they live in the Theater District area here and it was really neat.  I had not been there before, so after I dropped her off, I walked around a bit.  I saw several movie theaters among the cafes and shops.  Movies here are very expensive compared to the States.  A matinee is about 20 Francs (around $20) a person, which is about $15 more than we are used to paying.  So we won't be going often, sadly.  The plus about movies in Switzerland - if there ever is a time we attend a showing - is that the movies are shown in their original language, so our favorites would be in English.

This afternoon, Mat and I worked on some of our Christmas plans.  We have decided to stay around here for Christmas and make some day/weekend trips during the holiday.  We decided today that we are going for a weekend trip to Munich Germany to enjoy their Christmas market.  We understand the Christmas markets in the areas/countries around us are spectacular.  I am looking forward to seeing what this area is like around our first major holiday here.

This evening Mat and I took the kids on a walk and grabbed some food.  We had a good time walking through yet another new area we had no explored here in the city.  Plus I added three more fountain photos to my growing collection.

 We found this little house with a little door.  It even had a doorbell
 Beautiful building - not sure what it was

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