Thursday, October 5, 2017

New House

We are getting ready to move into our new house here in Switzerland.  We were lucky to find a really great place in a quiet area.  It is right next to the tram the kids need to take to get to school.  It also has a big fenced in backyard for Scooby the run around.  It met all of our requirements and more.  We cannot wait to get settled.

Part of the living room - it has a fire place
 Also part of the living room
 Kitchen and dining room
 Part of the kitchen.  It is small, but standard Swiss size.  The part on the right you see is the fridge and freezer.  It is college dorm size!  The other is the oven and a crisper
 Kitchen.  Stove top and some counter space
 Front hallway and front door
 First floor half bathroom
 Stair case.  This house is 5 floors in total, and it is a spiral stair case to each floor.  Going to take some getting used to.
 This is going to be Cainan's bedroom.  It is long and narrow.  It also has a balcony
 This is the master bedroom.  IT has its own bathroom and a nice walk in closet.  Also has a balcony
 Part of the master bathroom.  It is a really nice size - much bigger than many of the places we looked at.
 Master bathroom.  
 Balcony off the master bedroom
 Big trees in the backyard
 Balcony off of Cainan's bedroom
 The other side of Cainans bedroom

 Finley's bedroom.  IT is slightly bigger than Cainan's, but since he got a balcony, her extra is the extra room on a different floor.  She wants to put all of her toys and art supplies there.
 Finley's other side of her bedroom.  IT is at the top of the house, so that is why the ceiling is sloped
 second full bathroom.  This is on the floor where the girls will be.
 The second bathroom has a shower and a tub.  That tub will come in handy when bathing Scooby
 Second bathroom's shower
 Second bathroom

 Arlington's room.  It is enormous.  They could have easily made this into two bedrooms.  Or built a loft in here.  The ceiling is incredibly high.  She got the biggest room since she is the eldest.
 Other side of Arlingotn's room
 Attic Space.  This is a finished room and where Finley will put her stuff
 Attic space
 Finished basement.  This was a huge bonus.  This room is huge!  We have lots of plans for this area
 Finished basement - lots of storage
 Laundry room.  Another defiinte on our wish list.  This is a nice size room
 Laundry room
 Utility room
 Stairs out of the basement into the backyard

 So glad I brought her along
 Storage room in the basement.  This will be great for our seasonal items and bikes
 Stairs into the basement
 Front door and patio
 Side of house
 Back of the house.  We are connected to an apartment complext next door.  This is very common here

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