Monday, March 26, 2018

Day Two in Dubai

Day two in Dubai. Today we went to the beach and then to the pool. Kids swam for 6 hours, so they should sleep well tonight. Put our feet in the Persian Gulf - checked another body of water off our list! The water was warm, clear, and no waves, which was great.

 This was a place you could eat.  They strap you in on the ground and you get your food, and then you are lifted into the air.  And it spins!
 Kids collected some shells on the beach today.  And Finley got a rock

 How I plan to spend my time at the pool
 We saw quite a few para sailing folks over the ocean (Which is less than 100 yards away from where we are staying)
 Had to take a picture of Cainan in front of his favorite restaurant - Chili's - which was written here in Arabic

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