Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dubai Day 3

Today we went to Burj Kahlifa- the tallest building in the world. We
got to go up to the 125th floor (as far as you can go - there are 160 floors) and take in Dubai. It was great. This afternoon the kids swam, and while Mat was with them I went to the mall. And here is why - I have been in Switzerland for 8 months. Where there are no malls and no affordable clothing stores. I miss shopping. I miss talking to customer service in English who are not indifferent to me being there. It was quite the treat. Tonight we are relaxing and playing some board games.

We saw this on the metro.  Women and children don't HAVE to sit here, but Men are not allowed

 We are as high as we could go in Burj Kahlifa - and still had 35 floors above us!
 View from the 125th floor

 After we came back down, we went into the Dubai Mall.  IT was enormous - we could have been in there for days and still not seen everything
 Cool Fountain

 Outdoor fountain around Burj Kahlifa
 There is Burj Kahlifa from the outside
 Our souvenirs from the day
 Camel Milk Chocolate!
 Dubai coins.  They don't have any money amounts written on them, so we just started to refer to them by their pictures.  Today I am paying with deer, building, genie lamp

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