Sunday, June 17, 2018

First visit to Zermatt

This past weekend Mat and I took the kids to Zermatt Switzerland so we could see the Matterhorn. 

We got up early Saturday morning and headed for the Matterhorn. We took the cable car to the top and enjoyed some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. The Matterhorn stands at 4478 meters (14,691 feet) and it one of 38, 4000 meter and bigger mountains in the Alps. (we saw just one taller today - Weisshorn at 4506 meters/14,783 feet). The highest we could be was nearly 13,000 feet (3900 meters), and we were lightheaded and short of breath. But it was beautiful. And people were still skiing! Skiing here is a year round sport. The ride up was terrifying and thrilling. (made the cable car at Luzerne seem like a kiddie land ride). We also explored the Glacier palace before heading back down.

The view from our Airbnb.  We could see this from our balcony.  Just slightly better than Disney World's Matterhorn. 

 The view from the back of our Airbnb.  The village of Zermatt.

 An early morning view of the Matterhorn from our Airbnb.  Incredible
 We loved the village on the hillside

 On our way up the mountain.  The ride was 45 minutes in total and 3 different cable cars

 First look out on our way to the top
 We saw quite a few paragliders while we were up there
 At the top!  These mountains face Italy
 Zermatt from the top of the mountain

 All of these mountains are over 4000 meters

 Cainan made an Alpine snowball

 The air at the top was very thin.  It took awhile for us to not feel dizzy and short of breath.  We saw a lot of hikers (with a guide) going up this snow mound.  That would be such hard work at this height
 It was bitter cold at the top  (for June).  Around 30 degrees F.
 We went inside the ice caves to put our hands on the glaciers

 It was a scarier ride back down
 I took this because this was our final cable car stop - on top of a little rock

 Another stop on the way down.  It looks like Arlington is standing in the middle of the scenery, but she is actually on the edge of a cliff.

 Zermatt below

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  1. 2018 wow I like all your photos that awesome ! Your family having a great new life! Friend Shayla