Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ireland - Day 5

Today we were in Killarney, Ireland. Killarney is really beautiful. We visited Muckross House, Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle, and the Torc Water Fall (we did some hiking). Then this evening we went to a Celtic Steps show and it was fantastic!!  Highlight of the day.

Ross Castle. It is a 15th century tower house that belonged to the O'Donoghue clan.  WE walked around, but decided not to tour it since we had other things we wanted to do today.

 There is a huge lake around Ross Castle
 Our second stop was Muckross House.  This one we did take a tour of, and it was well worth it.  This house is beautiful.  It is a 19th century manison. It has 65 rooms. You cannot take pictures inside, but it was quite something! It has been in the care of the Country of Ireland since 1932.

 Muckross owns 25,000 acres of land.  IT was really beautiful.  You could hike to all different places on their land.

 From Muckross house, we were able to walk to Muckross Abbey.  Even though the abbey is in ruins, they are still buring people here.  Muckross abbey was founded in the 14th century by monks.

 After leaving the abbey, we headed to Torc Waterfall, which was also on the grounds.  We passed some Red Deer on our way.  The male was bleating loudly at all the female deer - who were paying him no mind. 

 Torc Waterfall - it was quite something

Then this evening we went to the Celtic Steps show.  We had the tickets ahead of time - I wanted to make sure we saw an Irish Step Dance show while we were in Ireland, and it didn't disappoint.  There was a 7 time world champion Irish Stepper as part of the show, and he was amazing.  I highly recommended taking in this show if you are in Killarney

 The guy on the right is the 7 time world chamion.  We kept commenting on how relaxed he was - you could tell how much he loved dancing.

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