Wednesday, January 9, 2019


I do most of my grocery shopping across the border in Germany.  I find it to be much cheaper than Switzerland grocery stores, PLUS we get a large portion of the taxes back if we get our receipts stamped at the border before crossing back.  So it is a win/win.

I rent a car once a week to grocery shop now.  I used to take the tram exclusively, but I was finding that the 45 minute trip each way plus having to haul arm loads full of groceries was quickly getting old.  I joined something here called "Mobility".  It is an annual subscription where you pay a nominal fee, and then each time you rent the car it is about $3 an hour.  Completely worth it for me to go and get a large amount of groceries just once a week, instead of every few days, and also be able to pick up all of our Amazon packages (the post office for that is also in Germany).

I live only 5 minutes from the border by car, so to zip up and back and do all of my errands takes under 2 hours each week.  It is a beautiful thing.

The last time I was in the grocery store, I had a good look at the candy wall.  Haribo is a German company, and a candy we are very familiar with in the United States.  However - living here, I have never seen candy in such large proportions in a grocery store before.  Sure, in the USA, we have a candy isle, or at least PART of an isle, that is dedicated to sweets.  But here - it seems to be a staple for them.  There isn't just one candy isle - there are 4-5.  Chocolate, and Haribo - mounds of it.  And beyond the fruit and vegetable section in the store, this is where you will find most people.

As I understand it - the Germans and the Swiss are good at control when it comes to candy.  Whether this is true or not - I may never know.  What has been reported to us is that they eat a small quanity each day - a square of chocolate here, or a handful of gummies there.  But.....why?  Why is there so.much.candy.  We may never know.

I had to take this picture the one day I was shopping because I got a clear view of just one of the isles of Haribo.  There is another one - almost identical to this - in this same grocery store.  Plus 3 isles of chocolate.  It is something to see.

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