Sunday, March 1, 2020

Japan Day 8

Today was a day of strolling, and shopping, and looking, and eating.  Before we traveled, we talked about using today to travel to a city outside of Tokyo.  We wanted to see Mount Fuji, but found out that at this time of year, it is almost always under cloud cover and it isn't worth going.  And then after that, we couldn't come to a decision on where to go.  So we left it up to Finley and she said she just wanted a day that wasn't scheduled where we didn't do much.  So that was today.

We got up late, and then spent the afternoon walking around Shinjuku.  It was fun.  There is stuff everywhere - just stores packed wall to wall with anything and everything you could ever imagine.  There is always something fun to see.

Arlington and Finley wore some of their new clothes today
 He is enormous!
 I finally got to have sushi in Tokyo!  It was really good
 Cainan really is the best one of us at chopsticks.  He hasn't used a fork yet
 I had lamb steaks for dinner.  SO GOOD
 Shinjuku at night.  It reminds us a lot of New York.  Just cleaner
 Godzilla at night
 We have passed this store several times, so we decided to stop and check it out.  They had an ice cream - it was a cream cheese between two sugar cookies.  It was good!
 Finley's dessert - oreas and a vanilla cupcake

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