Monday, March 2, 2020

Japan - Day 9

Today we started our day at a mini pig cafe.  I had told the girls (because Cainan could care less) that they could choose two animals cafes for our trip.  We did the owl the first day, and we are rounding out our trip with a mini pig cafe today.

We had a great time in this cafe.  We had a whole hour with these tiny cuties who climbed all over us just like a dog would.  They are well trained and sweet and even Mat had a good time.  Poor Cainan didn't feel well this morning, so he stayed behind while we tried this cafe.  I am glad we found this one.  If you are visiting Japan, I highly recommend MiPig.  You can make a reservation ahead of time - which was needed  - to make things easier for you.

After the pig cafe, we went into Harajuku for some shopping and strolling.  Finley came with a whole list of stores and clothes she was looking for, and I think we hit all of them.  This is the first trip where we have incorporated this level of shopping and just strolling - not much tourist stuff.  And it has been a completely new experience for us and we have loved it.  We let Finley guide this trip from beginning to end, and it is fun to try what she wanted to do.

I did find this today, and had to get it.  This is a Monchhichi.  When I was growing up I had a few of these and they were some of my favorite toys.  They are a Japanese creation, so I picked one up for nostalgic reasons today.

One fun stop today during our strolling was a Japanese grocery store.  We loved going in there and just looking at all the different foods in the isles.  We went in to buy some teas, and ended up getting to taste test a ton of food that was at different counters.  It was great.  I should have taken a picture.

We also stopped at the Oriental Market (that is its official name).because we were looking for some specific treasures to bring home.  What beautiful things we found in this area.  So fun.

Tonight we rounded our day with a delicious dinner out.  We have loved strolling from restaurant to restaurant trying to decide which one to try.  I could stay here forever and never eat at all the ones I want to try.  We have had nothing but fantastic meals.

This was my meal tonight.  Steak and miso soup with rice and green tea. 

We found Finley's sweet treat tonight that she has been looking and looking for.  We don't know the exact name, so we have called them Japanese Donuts.  They are a specific donut that seems to be sold here and they were really good.  They were a slightly different consitency than the cake donuts we are used to in America, but oh so delicious.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Japan.  We are all a little sad about it.  We have started to pack all of our goodies and clothes knowing that the end is near.

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