Thursday, October 8, 2020

German Doodling

 Finley is the one who championed the German language while we were away.  She seemed to take to it like a fisht to water, and really became rather fluent in the language.  She was reading novels in German before we left, and speaking to her friends almost exclusively in the language that they all shared (besides English).  She even took the IGCSE exam in German - something reserved for kids 2 years older than she is - so that she could test out of language courses for American high school.  She scored an A on the exam and we couldn't be more proud.

It was a delight to me when I was cleaning her room and found her math doodles.  She wrote a message in German as she did her homework - just out of habit.  I do hope that some how she can hold onto the language - even in part.

It says: I hate math because it's boring but I like math because the homework is not that big

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