Saturday, April 24, 2021

Remodeling Update - Week 4

 Not much happened this week - we are waiting for the electrician, so this week was pretty quiet.  We didn't mind.  We know there will be weeks where there is just.......well, waiting.  Remodeling in the time of Covid doesn't make things go faster either as we wait for supplies to be available.

The plumber finished up and finally figured out what was going on with our shower.  We had to unfortuantely make a much bigger hole and put in a not so pretty shower replacement to get the leak controlled.  We plan on remodeling this bathroom in the near future, so we will deal.  The plumbers got the leak fixed which was the goal.  And even put in two shut off valves for the future.  The black in the picture are burn marks from the soddering.  All of this will be replaced.

Our bay window is getting outside supports to hold the very heavy sink, cabinets and dishwasher that will be going in this spot.  They are digging out places to put the post and soon we will have a very safe bay.

We also had to put in an outside exhaust for the enormous stove but they did a good job putting it somehwere that will be concealed.
Finally the plumbing went in for the sink and dishwasher.

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