Friday, April 30, 2021

Remodeling Update - Week 5

 This week was all about electric.  The electricians and our contractor and electrician did the final walk through to confirm where we were putting all the lights and switches and outlets.  The architect and I spent two hours doing this weeks ago, but the final step is going in with the actual electrician to confirm it would all work.

We did meet for 2 hours with the architect a few weeks ago to draw up where we wanted everything.  And Monday this week during the walk through we made some slight changes in real time.  I think we have a good plan now.

Monday and Tuesday the electricians were here full day.  On Wednesday the rough electric was inspected and passed.  Also on Wednesady, the start of some spray insulation was done around a few openings to the outside that needed to be done for the exterior inspection. Thursday the inspection for the exterior was completed. Then Thursday afternoon the interior spray insulation in the walls was done.  Quite a stinky process that is - literally!  It didn't come into the upstairs, thankfully, since the construction zone is still walled in.  

Electric wires everywhere as they start to piece together the rough electric.  The wall around our main front door was removed for that switch installation.
The wall to the living room was pushed back so they could get the wall around the basement door prepped for new wallboard.  That "nook" is not something we are putting in - it is temporary.
Every time we inspect the construction zone, we have more holes.  Holes everywhere!  However we view it as progress to the end result, so we don't mind.  The put quite a few holes in our living room today as they re-route electric
We wanted a 4 switch here, but as you can see - it didn't quite fit between the wall and the central vaccum tubing.  So......

The last part of the week after the electric and framing past inspection, they started the insulation.  It is a spray foam.  While they put it in, they were putting wood around it - filling in every crack and crevace to seal it good.  After 30 years, it is nice to have at least have of the downstairs reinsulated.

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