Thursday, June 30, 2022

June 2022

 It is finally summer!  This was the last month of school, last month of me helping with Covid testing, and a big leap forward for the bathroom remodel.  It is almost done.  Cainan turned 16 - how is that even possible?  Finley and Cainan wrapped up their first year of high school with straight As and highest honors all three semesters.  They even got awards in many of their classes - so proud.

Let's start with the remodel.  It is moving slowly, but it is moving.  The longest part, as always, was installing plumbing and electrical- hard to get those guys on the schedule.  Once that was done, things started to move a little faster.

We are getting new everything, and the tub went in recently.  We picked a square tup with a matte finish to match the rest of our house.  We also got a black drain and overflow valve installed to match the black fixtures going into the space.  I love this tub.

We chose a tile for the shower by Anne Silke.  It looks like wallpaper to me.  It is blue stripes.  For the insert we picked a matte, rough pencil tile to give it some depth.  For the kid's bathroom we decided to keep the tub and shower surround.  We will be doing something different when we remodel the master.

The floors went in next and we really love them.  Before they were a weird 90s blue tile and so we deicded to go more for a wood look in a white/gray.  We didn't want anything dark because of the dark wood floors right outside this bathroom, door, and this really made the space feel bigger.

Our main wall in the bathroom we did a wood shiplap.  I love how it is looking so far.  We will be leaving this wall white while all the other walls will be blue.

Cainan turned 16 on June 2nd.  It is so hard to believe.  We got him a used Toyota Camry Hybrid for his first car.  He is excited to get started driving.  He wanted to wait and take his permit test after school ends, and then we will be off and running

End of June came the end of school.  We had quite a few snow days so there were a lot of days to make up this year.  Bring on summer

We wrapped up 1 1/2 years of Covid testing at the schools and all the nurses rejoiced!  This past fall was a BEAST, and the beginning of the new year wasn't much better.  However, for the last few months, things have slowed down and we are so grateful for the end of testing.  Our guess is it won't be back next year unless something really changes.

We worked our tails off to finish the chicken run and now the chicks are offically in their outside home.  It was weird having outdoor animals.  Mat did a great job building the whole thing and next will be for me to make it pretty.  It is made out of weather proof wood, and hardward cloth - which is everywhere to keep predators out.  We have a door and locks and alarms all over this thing.  We used greenhouse roofing for the top to protect them from weather and of course, predators. It was fun to put together.

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