Sunday, July 31, 2022

July 2022

 Summer is well underway now.  Cainan has taken and passed his driver's permit test and we have started driving around.  He is super cautious, but doing well.  I turned 47 - yikes.  Finley turned 16!  Since she won't be driving, her big present is a trip anywhere she wants to go.  We are going to take the trip next summer - let one more year of Covid pass.  She has chosen to go to Scandanavia.  Looking forward to getting back to travel. The bathroom remodel is complete! So glad.  Cainan started his first summer job at our local grocery store.  I went to visit my parents for a long weekend in PA and ended up getting Covid.  That was a tough break after 2 years of working as a Covid nurse and never getting it.  Luckily it was mild.  Mat ended up with Covid as well.  Hopefully the kids won't get it. 

Chickens are doing well.  This is my name sake - Hennifer on my birthday

Not that I wanted to spend the morning at the RMV on my birthday, but it was worth it when Cainan passed his permit test

On July 5th Finley turned 16.  She spends time with her chickens every afternoon.  They love her.  She has a favorite (that she is holding in the first picture) - Eggy

I finished making the chicken coop area pretty.  I wish I would have taken a before picture of this area.  It was all overgrown and all woods.  I painted the old dog fence and lined it with hardward cloth.  We lined the ground with hardward cloth as well to keep out predators.  Then I covered it all with stones and plants and made a walkway.  It was a fun project, but I am glad it is done.  Tons of work.

The bathroom remodel is DONE!  We are so happy with how it turned out.
We designed the whole space around the vanity.  We had it custom made out of reclaimed barn wood. Mirrors too.  We love how it turned out.  And it smells so good.

All of our fixtures are a matte black shade to match what we have in the downstairs.

Our contractors custom built this cabinet for us.  The last bathroom had so much wasted space and we had room for this great cabinet.  We had no storage in this bathroom before.  This is perfect.

Yeah I took a picture of the toilet.  I really wanted a flat toilet that made it easy to clean.  And it has the European style of the two buttons on top.

Cainan has to dress up for work.  They have a strict dress code.  He looks like a Bible saleman, but so handsome

My positive Covid test.  I didn't feel terrible -mostly just tired.  In the end the cough was the worst, but never got a fever, or even much of a stuffy nose.  It was like a bad cold for just a few days.  Mostly I was just bored in isolation.

Our turkeys that visited our yard all summer have been missing for a few weeks.  Now I know why - Turkey babies!

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