Friday, September 30, 2022

September 2022

 Fall is underway.  Kids are back in school and we have a new puppy in our house!  We are TIRED.  IT has been 11 years since we have had a puppy and 5 months since we had a dog at all, and we have forgotten how busy a puppy can be.  He is doing well - potty training is going well, sleeping in the crate has been easy, and he has even started puppy classes and obedience classes.  He is so cute and sweet.

10th grade is underway!

Puppy picture overload.  Pluto came to us from a breeder in Oaklahoma.  After our first breeder fell through, we did a nationwide search looking for someone who fit what we were looking for.  That is when we found Paige and Fife and Wife Bernedoodles.  He came to us via flight nanny and it went so smoothly.  We got him on September 10th at almost 9 weeks old.

He did great at his first vet visit.  The breeder told us when he got his first round of shots with her, he had some difficulty, so our vet gave him benadryl before these shots and he did great.  

And then some randoms from the month.  I finished the puzzle from Mosaic - it was so fun!

This is Eggy - still our only laying hen - no one else has joined in the fun yet

Finley has some really great friends and those friends have some really great moms.  I am so glad to have gotten to know Kassy and Cynthia through their daughter's friendships with Finley

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