Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August 2022

 Another full month.  Cainan ended up getting Covid, but the girls did not, thank goodness.  Everyone has recovered well - only the cough lingered a long time.  Finley participated in the Boston Fan Expo again with her art and made about $800.  Her table wasn't in as good of a spot as last year,but she still did very well with her selling.  We picked our puppy - we have a new dog joining our family at the beginning of September and we cannot wait.  It has been 5 months since Scooby died, and we are ready for another dog.  Arlington moved into an apartment for her junior year at UMass.  Her first time living off campus, but she isn't far away. And she has her car.  We went on a 5 day vacation just a little north of us to a lake in New Hampshire.  Just a change of scenery to end our summer.  School starts on the 7th of September.  We are not ready for the lazy days of summer to end.

Finley at Boston Fan Expo (Comic Con)

Arlington's apartment is really cute.  She is sharing it with a roomate.  It is two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and two floors.  A nice starter place. We got her all settled with a Uhaul and two cars.

Right before we went to the lake we found out which puppy we are getting.  Our breeder does the Volhard Puppy test for temperment and we actually got our first choice (After seeing the test results).  We were thrilled.  The kids decided to name him Pluto.  He is a merle bernedoodle (mix of bernese mountain dog and a poodle).  He has one blue eye and is just the cutest.  We cannot wait.

We had a wonderful time at the lake in New Hampshire.  WE found a gorgeous house to spend the week right on the lake.  IT was private, and had all kinds of toys for the water, and a small beach to sit on.  It was a nice "puppy moon" as we were calling it to celebrate the last weeks of peace and quiet and the end of summer.  We swam, played games, and just relaxed.

Finley and I were talking about Shrinky Dinks one day and she wanted to know what they were.  Of course - Amazon had some, so we had to get them.  The kids had fun making them and watching them in the oven.

We love these one off mystery games, so we brought one along we play.  

I found a clever puzzle on Mosaic puzzles that had really unique pieces.  It was quite the chalenge, but so fun.  Here are some of the coolest puzzle pieces

A few random shots from the month of our chickens

Hennifer is our head chicken.  She is the boss of all the ladies.  When there isn't a rooster, one hen usually takes the place.  She makes sure they are all in bed at night and is the protector when people come close.  

We finished our sign for the coop of all the ladies' names

We finally have one hen laying.  Eggy started laying eggs this month.  Hopefully the other hens will follow soon.

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