Thursday, November 16, 2017

First Visitors

For the last week, my parents have been visiting.  It was nice to have them here and show them around Basel.  We were so busy while they were here - walking around Basel, exploring the city, and eating delicious food.  The week went by quickly, and today they traveled back to the USA.  We won't see them again until April, and I am hoping when they visit next time the weather is warm and sunny.  (This week we battled rain and cold the entire time).

We went to the Foundation Beyeler Museum in Riehen.  Paul Klee the artist is displayed there now, so it was great to see his art.

 We spotted some fountains around the city I hadn't photographed yet

 Sign on the front of a Bakery.  It made us laugh.  We learned that that means "eat here" in SWISS German (not high German).
 We visited all the kid's schools.  This is the roof top deck off of Arlington's new school
 Finley in her classroom at school
Cute little men made out of sweet bread at a local bakery
 My parents next to the Rhein
 We had our Education specialist over for breakfast one morning.  It was nice to visit with her
 Street sweeper on our street.  He was collecting all the leaves at two other workers blew them from off the sidewalk and under the cars

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