Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving Food in Switzerland

This weekend, we celebrated American Thanksgiving at our house.  It took me most of the week to locate some foods that I could use to replicate that meal.  I was unsuccessful almost 100%.

Turkey was the biggest trouble. really wasn't trouble.  I hate Turkey.  Most of us do.  We almost always have ham.  Which.....I also couldn't find.

There IS Turkey to be found here.  Big, expensive 75 Franc (about $90) Turkeys.  And I cannot bring a turkey bigger than a KG (2 pounds) from Germany.  Part of the rules of transferring food over the border.

But we have two lovely little chickens that I roasted.  And I made cranberry sauce - since they don't have that in a can over here.  And we settled for Apple Pie because I couldn't find pie crust to make a Pumpkin one.  But my mom had brought us stuffing and I had mashed potatoes, so it worked.

Our first Thanksgiving abroad.  Next year I will be more prepared.

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