Sunday, December 17, 2017

Visit to Munich - day two

Our second day in Munich.  We went to a few more Christmas markets, and took in some historical spots around the city.  It snowed on and off most of the day, so it really felt like Christmas.  We had a great time these last two days, and hope to return in the warmer months to check out their amazing castle and the Olympic village.

Woke up to snow covered roof tops

 Huge church in the city

Toy museum.  We went inside and it was really cute!

 The last remaining piece of the gate/wall that used to surround the city.  A lot of it was destroyed in the 2nd World War, but it has been rebuilt.

 Another huge church
 Inside the Theaterkirche.  So beautiful and really ornate.  nd NO - the picture is not blurry. This is a Catholic church, and service just let out. AND it is Advent, so there was a lot of incense. (cough cough)
 Christmas market with the Rathaus in the background
 traditional German Christmas ornaments

 We visited the Renaissance Christmas market area today.  Everyone was dressed in period clothing.

 This is wild boar.  It didn't please the kids
 Renaissance actors

 The police telling St. Nicholas what they want for Christmas
My take homes from today.  A ceramic mug from the Renaissance market, my Munich Christmas mug, and my German ornament.

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