Monday, December 30, 2019

Christmas 2019

Our third Christmas in Basel has come and gone.  The kids and Mat had a 16 day break from school, and this year we did not travel because of Arlington's surgery. 

We stayed home and relaxed, and watched all 23 Marvel movies, and played board games.  It was a great holiday.  Everyone was glad to not have to go anywhere for two whole weeks.  Finley watched two dogs during our vacation, so that was extra company for us.

Cainan's big gift from the grandparents this year was a Nintendo Switch.  He was really excited
 Cainan's big gift from us this year was a retired Eaglemoss Marvel Chess Set

 My two big gifts this year were my handmade German nutcracker and a piece for my village: The Rathaus from Basel

 Arlington's big gift from us was a portable Home Theater
 Finley's big gift from the grandparents was a Cricut Sticker maker
 Finley's big present from us this year was a ScrawlrBox Art Box subscription

We played several board games, but Pandemic Legacy became a favorite.  The Legacy games are fun because you alter the game and the board every time you play, so you never play the same game twice.

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