Sunday, December 15, 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

This weekend we joined Mat in Copenhagen where he was for business.  We like hitting different Christmas markets each year, and thought this would be a fun one.

We had a great weekend visiting.  We arrived Friday night, December 13th and explored the area a bit before going to the hotel for the night.

 We picked up the Market Mug our first evening here - it is really nice

On Saturday we explored more of the Christmas Markets.  We also strolled around the city, took in some of the sights, and ate some delicious foods.

 Homemade Potato chips!  I look like I weight 500 pounds because I am wearing so many layers.  It was really cold.
 the Government building

 Cool bridge
  Almost every building was decorated for the holidays

 This is a Little Mermaid statue that is deditcated to Hans Christian Andersen who was from Denmark

 We spent the evening at Tivoli Gardens seeing the lights and shops.  We bought the cheapest entrance ticket to just walk around (it isn't free).  We decided not to do the rides ticket,and I am so glad.  It was jammed with people and we could barely move around.  The ride lines were hours long.  So it was a good decision.

Today's Gnome purchase!  I had to have a Viking

We finished the Christmas markets on Saturday, so on Sunday we did all touristy things around Copenhagen before flying back to Basel.  It was a great weekend getaway.

We started the day at the movies seeing Jumanji. It was raining really hard, so we decided to wait it out witha  fun movie with the kids.

Then we visited the graves of Hans Christian Andersen and Kierkegaard. 

We visited a spot where the Nazis guarded food supplies during WWII. When they got bored they had etched in the walls. 

 Part of the walls the Nazi soldiers notched
One of the areas the Nazis stored food during the war

We took a tour of the palace of the Denmark royal family (still active in the country) and ended the day eating one more time at the Christmas Market. Good last day.

One of the many carriages the Royal family uses

A small section of the Queen's library.  Pictures could never do it justics

View of Copenhagen from the Palace

Ruins of the palace

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