Sunday, February 23, 2020

Japan - Day 1

We left Switzerland on Saturday the 22nd, and arrived in Japan at 8:30am Sunday morning there time.  It was an 11 hour stright through flight for us.  That was the longest straight through the kids and I have ever been on, so I was a little worried about how that would go.  It actually went by a lot faster than I expected.  Between constantly being fed and tons of movies to watch - it zoomed by.  Thanks Swiss air for the great flight.

Once we arrived in Japan, we loaded into the car service I reserved ahead of time, and zipped off to our hotel.  We are staying in the Shibuya section of Tokyo.  We are staying in a little house that we found on Airbnb and it is going to work out great.  Each bedroom has its own bathroom, so that helps us with getting ready in the morning faster.

Here is our Airbnb - we have the whole black building

We did rest for a few hours in the house before heading out for the afternoon.  I only had one thing scheduled for today knowing we were going to be really tired.  The girls really wanted to do a few animal cafes, so I tried to find two that were a bit unique, and tonight we went to an Owl Cafe.  The girls loved it.  We started with a drink and dessert, played with the owls for half an hour, and also got owl mug souveniers.  It was a good start the the vacation.

We were able to pet and old almost all of the owls - Finley really liked the tiny ones

 These birds were flying all over playing with toys just like a dog or cat would.  IT was funny to see.

Afterwards we decided to walk down Takeshita Street.  It was full of shops and restaurants and we had a great time walking around and looking.  The kids picked up a few trinkets while we walked, and everyone got something to eat.  It was fun.

 This was a cafe that sold all these crazy delicious crepes
 The kids loved all the vending machines that held so many different trinkets
 Cainan was pretty pleased with his choice of snack this evening

This is the snack Finley and Arlington chose.  It was a swett dough with a vanilla cream sauce inside.
the little place was called Zakuzaku

We were told that we should wear masks when we were on the subways or walking around crowded areas since Coronavirus is still moving quickly through the world.  Japan is on low alert, but we were still advised to take precautions.

Now we are in the airbnb for the night.  We are running on fumes, and wanting to start fresh tomorrow, so we called it an early evening.  WE are 8 hours ahead of our home in Switzerland and 14 hours ahead of our family on the East Coast of the United States.  We have never been quite this far away - it is pretty cool.

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  1. Y’all are gonna have so much fun! I’m so excited for y’all! Heck I’m excited to follow y’all while you’re there since it’s been 21 years since I left!
    FYI-they have a vending machine for just about EVERYTHING! Lol! I have pictures of vending machines with meat/fish, milk, and even eggs!