Friday, February 28, 2020

Japan Day 6

Today we went to Disney Tokyo!  The kids were so excited that we were able to fit this in during our trip.  It was a pretty good weather day - pretty sunny and warm....ish.  And since it is still winter, the park wasn't that crowded. 

The kids were able to ride everything several times.  We snacked all day and explored the whole park and the shops and left when the parked closed.  It was a great day.

We have not been to 4 Disney parks - Disneyland California, Disneyworld Florida, Disneyland Paris France, and Disneyland Tokyo.  Pretty cool

The entrance
 In front of the castle.  It was under construction
 Arlington and Finley bought themselves headbands - Winnie the Poor and Monster's Inc
 Disney Tokyo does a really cool thing with its popcorn containers they offer.  They have about 50 different ones you can pick from and a ton of different popcorn kinds all throughout the park.  Mat picked this one for our take home container of popcorn - it is Steamboat Willie.  There were so many - it was really cool!  I think all the parks should jump on this instead of just the regular round tin.  So fun
 Our other fun food for the day was these little alien dumplings.  They were so cute!  And yummy

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