Sunday, January 31, 2021

Second Semester Freshman Year for Arlington

 Today we moved Arlington back to University of Massachusetts Amherst for her spring semester.  Since Covid has not let up, this move in looked a lot like the fall.  Only two people could move her (Mat and Finley went this time), and she had to be screened for Covid before moving into the dorm (and will be screened two times a week all semester).  She is also in a single room (all people are in a single room) but on a regular dorm floor and in a different dorm than last semester.

Most of her classes are remote this semester - she only has two in person classes.  We are really hopeful that fall semester next year is more normal.

Update - second week of February - the school went into total lockdown for 2 weeks because they have 1000 cases of Covid.  Even though there are only 5200 students on campus this semester.  Most cases are off campus and due to Fraternity parties.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Finley's Room

 This is one person in our house that wasted no time getting her room decorated.  And that was Finley.  She spent all fall working on a layout and then asking for Christmas things for her new room set up.  We think it turned out amazing.  

Her desk was done by someone here in Littleton and it is GORGEOUS.  

Her dresser was done by the same local person, and it is just beautiful.  Our friend Sherry had this dresser in her workshop and was able to match the color to the desk she did for Finley and it is perfect.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Moving Day

 It is FINALLY here. Almost 5 months since we moved back from Basel to Boston, and our renters are gone, our floors are done and we are ready to be in Littleton full time.  We could barely sleep last night because we were so excited about today!

The movers did a great job and by mid afternoon everything was unloaded and furniture set up.  We have decided to get many boxes packed in our basment until our remodel was done, so we didn't have to unpack a ton.  It will take us a few weeks to get boxes unpacked and organized, but our stuff is here!  And we can get settled.  We are thrilled.

And truck two

Our basement is crazy full right now.  We have all the unpacked stuff from Switzerland down there, pluse stuff that was in our storage unit here the last three years.  It is going to take us months to sort, but we are just so happy to have it