Monday, October 31, 2022

October 2022

 Another month has come and gone.  Most of the leaves have fallen, the weather has changed over, and holiday madness is about to begin.  We have a busy month.  Arlington came in for a quick visit - it was nice to see her.  She works every weekend and is so busy with school we don't get to see her much these days.  Finley went to her annual retinal specialist appointment and the news was excellent - no changes.  She has been stable for 5 years now.  Cainan went to the homecoming dance.  Pluto has gotten quite a bit bigger and is 4 months old now.  The chickens are still doing well-we insulated their coop for the winter, and we now have two chickens laying eggs.  

Enjoy the pictures from the month

We took Arlington out to dinner while she visited.  I know her siblings were glad to see her

Always grateful for good news when it comes to Finley's appointments.

Cainan looking very handsome for his Homecoming Dance.  After the dance he went to a party with his friends.  Finley and her friends went bowling.

And a couple of random pictures for the month

Finley made Brioche bread - it turned out great!

Pluto photo dump.  He is now 24 inches tall sitting and 30 pounds

He graduated from his Beginner Obedience class

Chicken antics - we saw online that if you gently scrape a few areas on a pumpking the chickens will do the rest.  They did not disappoint

We insulated their coop to make them snuggly for the winter.  Once the winter turns cold for good we will insulate their run.  We don't have electricity to the coop but heard they don't need it if we do a few things to shelter them from the wind.

This is Eggy.  She was our first laying hen.  She is always the first to greet me at the run door when I bring out the snacks

Two eggs a day now!  The one on the right is a light green color and is being laid by our Easter Egger, Hennifer

My sister in law sent me some chicken socks just for fun - they are fantastic!