Saturday, April 13, 2019

Edinbrugh, Scotland Day 1

Last night we flew to Scotland for a 10 day trip.  We have been looking forward to this get away for awhile.

Our first day in Edinburgh was a success. We started our day eating breakfast in the same restaurant where JK Rowling wrote some of her Harry Potter books. We went to Edinburgh Castle. We walked the Royal Mile and enjoyed the shops. We went to St. Giles cathedral and then had dinner at a local fish and chips joint. Good first day. Edinburgh is very beautiful.

We had a really nice airbnb in Edinburgh.  It was close to the main area of the city, so we didn't have to take transportation to get around.

 These "Boy Wizard" shops are all over the city.  Cainan enjoyed going in each one
 The Elephant house is where JK Rowling wrote a few of the HP books. She sat in the back of the cafe and wrote.
 Cainan was beyond excited to eat here. And the food was really good!  I thought the restaurant would be packed, but we went around 9am and got a table right away.  We understand there busy time of day is lunch and beyond.
 Pictures of JK at the Elephant House years ago.

 Yummy Latte
 In the bathrooms people have written 100s of quotes from the books. The restaurant said they gave up a long time ago from stopping people.

 The Edinburgh Public Library.  We didn't go in, but it was a beautiful building
 This is the street JK Rowling used as her inspriation for Diagon Alley
 Pretty church in the city
 Edinburgh Castle.  It is 2000 years old. Edinburgh Castle. It is HUGE! We bought tickets ahead of time to go in, and I highly recommend this. It was packed. 
 View of the city from the Castle

  Oldest church in Edinburgh - inside Edinburgh Castle.

 Kids at Edinburgh Castle
 Inside the apartments in the castle.

 Pretty church right outside of the castle
 There are little "closes" (alleyways) all over Edinburgh. Most of them lead to private courtyards, and are these quaint little nooks off the main streets.
 St. Giles Church.  Built in 1124

 There is a Unicorn on the top of this statue. It is Scotland's National Animal. Not joking
 Adam Smith was the father of modern capitalism
 JK Rowling's Handprints!
 This is the scene in Avengers Infinity war where Vision and Scarlet Witch get into a fight with the aliens. Scarlet Witch flies through the window of this restaurant.

 View of the castle from the city 

 So Finley's name is Scottish. The spelling changes a bit depending. We did a little research before we came to find out the the Finlay (Finnlagh, Finley) family did live here and was part of the Farquharson clan. We were excited to find some Finlay stuff today. These cows are popular in the Scottish highlands, and we hope to see them later this week.

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