Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Edinburgh, Scotland Day 4

Today is our last day in Edinburgh. Today we went on a tour of The University of Edinburgh (Arlington is considering the university for college so we set up a visit), and then spent the afternoon at the National Museum Of Scotland (we saw Dolly the Sheep!). After dinner we got what is a “thing” here- Fried Mars Bars. So good. We strolled the city, bought some souvenirs and now we are packing. Tomorrow we head to Glasgow

Edinburgh University.  It was built in 1582 and is the 6th oldest University in the English Speaking world.  (Oxford is the oldest).  We took a scheduled student lead tour of the campus and learned a lot.  (you must schedule these tours before you arrive)

 The buidings were enormous

 Charles Darwin was a student at Edinburgh Univeristy

 Arthur Conan Doyle’s house while he was at Edinburgh University. He actually based Sherlock Holmes on one of his medical professors while he was here.
 The library was enormous, and we did get to go inside.

 After our tour, we went to the National Museum of Scotland.  It is free admission.  And it is enormous.  We could have spent all day in there.
 This is the main reason we went into the museum.  Dolly the sheep!  AFter she died, they put her on display in the museum.  Are you familiar with Dolly?  She was the first cloned mammal, and her cloning was done at Edinburgh University.
 Lewis Chess set. The rest of it is in the British Museum. Because they steal everything
 Working clock inside the museum
 The outside of the National Museum.  Pictures could never capture its size

 Our fried Mars Bars.  They were delicious!
Monument for Walter Scott. A writer who has the largest monument ever built for a writer.

 Edinburgh Castle from the park we walked through
 This is a statue of Wojtek the bear.  In 1942 Polish soldiers found this bear as they walked through Iran under British command.  Wojtek grew up among the men and even had him drafted into the army.  Because he wasn't troubled by gunfire, he carried ammunition for the troups through the Italian battle at Monte Cassino.  After the war, he was moved to Edinburgh and lived out his days in their zoo until he died in 1963.
 Edinburgh castle from the park
 Agatha Christie got married in this church.  Edinbrugh is a book lovers paradise.

 Part of the complex we are staying in has a Rocket Science office.  Because sometimes it IS...Rocket Science.
 I don't buy many souveniers, but I really wanted a Harris Tweed something.  It is expensive becuase it is hand woven, but I found this bag with a little on it and the right size I wanted for carrying in Basel.  

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