Sunday, April 21, 2019

Harry Potter Train ride through the Scottish Highlands

Happy Easter! Today we took our long anticipated train ride through the Scottish Highlands. We booked these tickets last November so that we could sit in the Harry Potter themed coach. Cainan was so excited. The train ride was beautiful. Pictures do not do the Highlands justice. This is the train they use in the Harry Potter movies when the kids travel to Hogwarts. We went over the famous viaduct you see in the films. We stopped at two small towns on the round trip ride. It was a 6 hour trip and so much fun. We then drove back to Glasgow this evening. We drove back through the Highlands- big mountains, large lakes and deep valleys. Incredible. Great day.

The train.  It is called The Jacobite and it takes this route during Easter weekend and then all summer.  The engine was really cool
 Finley wore her Ravenclaw sweatshirt for the occasion
 Sitting in our coach. They used to be the benches like in the films but I guess people complained they were uncomfortable so they replaced them with fancy seats

 Arlington pretending that she is Hermonie 
Views from the train

 There it is! That is what you see in the films. It was fun to cross. And the people that were waiting below it to take the train picture was incredible

 I did open the small window and take a picture of the train traveling along

 Finley pretending to be Luna Lovegood and reading the menu upside down

 Our train treats
 We had a solid 2 hour trip back and so we played the Lake Norman card game (family game)


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