Tuesday, July 25, 2017

When the Visas show up - it is time to go

We have received our passports with our visas back from the US Embassy.  It was the final piece of the puzzle to gain permission to leave the United States and live in Switzerland.

Once we arrive in Switzerland, we will have 14 days to go to our local Canton and be issued a Residency Permit.  This will allow us to stay for a year.  Each year we will have to renew our B permit (this is what we qualify for) for the entire time we live in Switzerland.  I hope they send out notices.....in English....to remind us to do that......hmmmm

Things are getting real very quickly around here.  We finished packing our temperature controlled storage unit (we are not taking many of our things since we will be in Apartment life over there).  We have started making our piles of what is going into the suitcases and what is going into air freight.  We won't be receiving our air freight for 12-15 business days (almost 3 weeks) and school starts in 1 week after we arrive, so we need to chose carefully what we will need right away.  Not as easy as I thought it would be.

Less than two weeks to go now, and I still feel like we have a very long list of items to do.  All of our help has gone home, so it is up to the five of us to bring this list across the finish line.


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